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Pam Frost

In addition to seeing the usual sites, Joan Peace customized the trip so we could deeply taste the history and heart of both ancient and modern Israel. We were treated to amazing Israeli speakers, including Israeli military and government officials. We all appreciated our delightful Messianic tour guide, Yoni, who complemented his vast knowledge of Israel and the Bible with his personable, fun style and special gift of storytelling. Joan Peace’s travel guide, “Israel for the Christian Traveler” helped us retain what we learned with its concise overview of all the sites, along with maps, helpful biblical insights, and general information about Israel. While we stayed at elegant hotels and enjoyed incredible cuisine throughout our trip, the cost was amazingly affordable and far less than we had expected a trip like this would cost. Walk About Zion did an incredible job of combining the best accommodations with the unique itinerary and speakers for the best possible price. And the entire focus of the trip was for the glory of Jesus! This truly was a trip of a lifetime and we can hardly wait to go again!

Pastor Ted Hamilton

I would highly recommend Joan Peace Travel to anybody who is considering a tour of the Holy Land.  I am fully aware that the cost of a trip like this is almost always a concern for people.  I don’t think you will beat the cost of our tour with Walk About Zion Travel - especially considering the high quality of the hotels, the wonderful food, and the numerous sites we visited and activities we enjoyed. We were able to see virtually all the key historical sites, which were enhanced by referencing “Israel for the Christian Traveler” throughout the trip. The travel guide provided great scriptural and historical context for each site. When you travel with Joan Peace, you will go beyond the standard Israel tour fare.  We had several special Israeli speakers, we visited the home of some wonderful Messianic believers, and we participated in a wide variety of activities, including, among many others - kayaking the Jordan River, a jeep excursion on the Golan Heights and the Temple Mount archaeological sifting project (our people found some great stuff!). We felt safe and we were safe in Israel.  We loved our tour guide, a Messianic believer, who made the trip not only informative, but fun.  It was not my first time in Israel, but it was my best time.  I returned home with a new appreciation for both Israel’s ancient, biblical history and the profound complexity of Israel’s contemporary situation

Kathy Wright

Because I love to travel and have visited many countries over the years, I know what a good tour is, and I can highly recommend this very affordable trip with Joan Peace Travel.  If you are looking for a well planned trip to Israel that will cover all the major sites, plus many more wonderful things you hadn’t even thought of - such as a boat ride on the Sea of Galilee, dinner at a Messianic home, communion at the Garden Tomb, meeting with a Holocaust survivor, and a camel ride, this is the trip for you! Israel is such a beautiful country, much more beautiful than I could have imagined.  Every moment I was there, I felt safe.  Israel has the best security in the world; you are surrounded by young military people who take every possible precaution to protect the tourists. When you visit Israel, your world will never be the same again because you can relate every site and teaching with something in the Bible.  Every day you will think of this trip.  Thank you Joan Peace Travel for wonderful memories!

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