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“Walk about Zion, go around her,

count her towers, consider well

her ramparts, view her citadels,

that you may tell of them

to the next generation.

For this God is our God

forever and ever....”



You’ll Never be the Same! 

“To visit this land is like a pilgrimage into the past, and walking in the shadow of greatness. But, it is more. Here today one rubs elbows with the descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. With Bible in hand, one can see the fulfillment of Biblical prophecy, and can sense God's promise for the future.”

-Billy Graham

Travel to Israel is an opportunity to “experience” world news and the truth behind what the media portrays. We better understand the realities of the Jewish heart and the hopes and dreams of the Israeli people.
A trip to Israel will transform our souls, make our prayers come alive, and build our faith in God in a way no other experience can. We return home with a greater love and understanding of the Bible, a renewed passion for Christ, and a deepened prayer life.
The people of Israel want and need the support of Christians around the world. Through our visits, the spirits of all Israelis are elevated, their economy is strengthened, and they feel they are not alone.













Israel is timeless; in the present, we feel connected to our past. It is this powerful connection that gives us faith for God’s promises for our future. Only in Israel will we see miracles at every turn…


Walk and dance in the streets of Jerusalem, the city where King David reigned and the city that Jesus wept over. Pray at the Garden of Gethsemane. Share the Lord’s Table at the Garden Tomb (Golgotha).


Leave a written prayer in one of the cracks of the Western Wall. Then join hundreds of Israelis at the Wall to bring in the Shabbat (the Sabbath) with dancing and singing and praying… Unforgettable! The remarkable people of Israel will be etched in your mind forever!


Worship and sing praises while sailing the Sea of Galilee. Get baptized in the very same waters where Jesus was baptized by John. Float effortlessly on the Dead Sea... and MUCH, MUCH MORE!


The Bible, church sermons, Christian holidays, and Jewish feasts will never be the same again. They will come to life as you recall the sites you saw with your own eyes and the relics you touched with your own hands.

“The unplanned tears that come down your face as you experience

the pain of what was lost, alongside the hope of what will come -

promised through the prophets long ago. It is awesome beyond words.

When you depart, you cannot say goodbye, only that you will be back.

There is an unseen force that draws you in and assures you

that you will be back again. It's where you belong; it is home.” (Anonymous)

Beauty Out of Ashes  

Over 2,500 years ago, the prophet Isaiah proclaimed that Israel would once again become a nation – and it did! The diversity and beauty of the landscape of Israel within such a small piece of real estate is unparalleled. The towering mountains, fertile plains, lush valleys, and thriving farmland, as well as the majestic seas, breathtaking waterfalls, and captivating desert - all thrive within Israel’s mere 8,000 square miles of landmass. Experiencing the beauty and the miracle of the state of Israel - the Jewish nation that was born out of the ashes of the Holocaust is truly awe-inspiring. The desert has indeed come alive!

Cradle of Our Faith 

Jerusalem is the only city in the world where God chose to place His name. It is His holy mountain, and those of us who love Him are inexplicably drawn here. Incalculable rewards await those of us who visit Israel in our lifetime; we now gain a true appreciation of the context of both the Old and New Testaments and we genuinely grasp an understanding of our Jewish roots. It is only here, in this small country chosen by God, that we can smell the same air and touch the same dirt as our biblical ancestors. Their voices and their stories live on, leaving a timeless imprint upon our hearts and souls - we are never the same.


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