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This Privacy Policy applies to all of our customers, suppliers, and collaborators.

Joan Peace Travel is a travel agency that arranges tailor made deluxe trips to Israel and the Middle East.

Tel. +1 760-473-0690

Data security is important to us. Responsible handling of personal data collected as part of the operation of our business is crucial to our business goals and reputation.

Personal data is any information about an identified or identifiable natural person. An identifiable physical person means a person who can be identified directly or indirectly, inter alia, by an identification number or one or more items specific to a given person's identity.

The personal data we collect about you will be used solely for the tours and cruises.  Joan Peace Travel collects and processes only ordinary personal information. In the case of booking a trip, it may be necessary for us to treat sensitive personal information (for example, information about special menus on your flight or information about the need for special assistance on your journey), as well as information regarding your passport order to deliver the optimal trip to you.

We store travel history and the personal information we collect in our customer database. Here we save personal data for five years in accordance with the Accounting Act.

Joan Peace Travel will typically collect the following information: contact information (first name, middle name (s), surname, address, telephone number, e-mail address), passport number, information that you give us in relation to your special preferences on the trip (eg information on special diets, need for special assistance in connection with disability or other illness, etc.), information about citizenship, emergency contact information, as well as information that you give us if you contact us with a question to report a problem, or when you otherwise contact us in connection with your customer relationship with us.

Joan Peace Travel deals exclusively with your personal information to the extent necessary for your customer, supplier, or cooperative relationship or under applicable law.

Joan Peace Travel processes your personal information in connection with the creation and ongoing administration of your customer relationship as part of the operation of our company, including booking of travel and delivery of our other products (such as travel insurance, transfer services, etc.), maintenance of our customer records, billing, etc.

Joan Peace Travel processes your personal information in compliance with laws and regulations in connection with the operation of the company or to fulfill various reporting or disclosure obligations in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.


Joan Peace Travel does not use your personal information to make decisions based solely on automatic processing, including profiling.

Joan Peace Travel aims to ensure that all personal information we process is accurate and up to date. We therefore ask you to always notify us of any changes in your personal circumstances (eg change of address or payment information) so that we can ensure that your personal information is always accurate and up to date.

Joan Peace Travel only passes the information to the extent necessary for the operation of our business, including to provide your travel and the other products you have purchased with us in connection therewith.

Hotels: Joan Peace Travel passes personal information to the hotels that you will use on your journey. For the purpose of booking your hotel accommodation, we will typically provide information about name, destination, date of arrival and departure, room category, special requests for your trip, including booking of special costs during the hotel stay and, if applicable, need special assistance during the hotel stay in connection with disability or illness.

Bus Companies: Joan Peace Travel passes personal information to bus companies if you are on a bus trip as part of your trip (eg during day trips to famous tourist attractions, etc.). For the purpose of booking your bus trip, we will typically provide information about name, pick-up point, date and time of bus, and destination.

Cruises: Joan Peace Travel passes personal information to shipping companies if you are travelling on a ship as part of your trip. For the purpose of booking your cruise, we will typically provide information about name, destination, itinerary, date and time of departure and departure, as well as special wishes for the cruise, including booking of special menus during the cruise and possibly. need special assistance during sailing due to disability or illness.

For bookings of your excursions, transfers, etc. we typically provide information about the name, date and time of arrival and / or departure.

As part of the booking of your trip with us, you have the opportunity to purchase travel insurance.

Joan Peace Travel provides an opportunity to get a qualified offer on a trip. A qualified offer is a form of offer, in which a preliminary booking of the desired trip is made for you when preparing the offer. This allows you to reserve a space on the desired departures for a limited period of time before deciding whether to issue a ticket on the preliminary reservation or whether it should be canceled.

Joan Peace Travel aims to limit the disclosure of personal data in personally feasible format to the extent possible to limit the cases where information that is attributable to you personally is disclosed.

Joan Peace Travel does not disclose your personal information unless this is necessary to perform our business or meet your needs.

Personal data are no longer stored in order to fulfill the purpose for which they have been collected unless the storage is required to comply with national legal requirements, including statutory storage periods in connection with bookkeeping, etc.

It is Joan Peace Travel’s policy to protect personal data by taking adequate technical and organizational security measures. When your personal information is no longer required, we will ensure it is deleted in a safe manner.

Reservation: We are subject to any errors on the website and invalid references. Likewise, we are subject to price changes, for example. in connection with price fluctuations, new purchasing conditions, changes in taxes and / or oil surcharge.

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