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Joan Peace Travel and "Israel for the Christian Traveler"

books and maps have been birthed from a passion

for the country of Israel, the people of Israel, and for the biblical, historical, and eternal significance of the nation of Israel.

Joan Peace, better known as “Joan Shalom” in Israel, is the CEO of Joan Peace Travel. Her desire is to see as many believers as possible experience spiritual transformation and "the trip of their lifetime" in the Holy Land. Her travel company is not just her job; it’s her passion and ministry. 

Joan also operated a 501 (c) (3) non-profit for Israel – the Israel Now Project which was dedicated to “educating and empowering Christians to both understand and support Israel, while tangibly making a positive difference to both the nation of Israel and each believer’s personal faith journey and biblical understanding.” One of the primary focuses of the foundation was to support, pray for, love on, and ultimately “adopt” Israeli Holocaust Survivors while they’re still with us. Would you like your tour participants to prepare and share a meal with a group of Holocaust Survivors? Or how about taking them on a biblical field trip? Just ask - we'll make it happen!








We are dedicated to supporting you every step of the way – from planning your itinerary to providing a timely quote, to assisting group members that have special needs. We are here to assist you with every planning need until you return home. 





If you have your itinerary set, great! If you’re open to unique, outside-of-the-box itineraries that incorporate not only the amazing Christian sites but also the amazing Israeli people, perhaps even including a service component – we’d love to help! This is our specialty. As the author of the three-time national award winning Christian travel guide to Israel, Israel for the Christian Traveler, Joan’s knowledge of Israel is bountiful.  She is also the creator of the comprehensive and concise LAP MAP Israel LAP MAP for the Christian Traveler and the The Ultimate Israel STUDY GUIDE AND JOURNAL for the Christian Traveler. Joan is enthusiastic about utilizing the knowledge she gained in writing the travel guide and creating the maps to provide travelers with unforgettable itineraries! 


Travel guide endorsement by Dr. David Reagan: speaker, founder and director of Lion and Lamb Ministries: “Your travel guide is outstanding! In fact, it is by far the best Israel travel guide I have ever discovered. I have taken over 45 groups to Israel, and over the years, I have developed my own guide - but nothing to compare with what you have done. As I read through your book, I was just absolutely fascinated with all the valuable details you have supplied.”  





Joan Peace Travel is dedicated to providing exceptional itineraries, first-class accommodations, and fascinating, top-notch tour guides – all at the most affordable price point possible. 

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