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Hope for our Times is a ministry led by Tom J. Hughes which focuses on the prophecies of the Bible concerning end times events. Through the use of weekly updates, Bible teachings, interviews, and in-person conferences, Hope for our Times is able to share the importance of a saving relationship with Jesus Christ and how to live in these Last Days with the hope that can only be found in Him.


Tom Hughes has been teaching Bible prophecy for over 25 years, regularly appearing on a variety of TV, radio, and internet programs — including Breaking News with Thomas J. Hughes on A frequent speaker at prophecy conferences, Tom has a unique gift for helping people understand what the Bible calls the “Last Days.”

Tom also serves as Senior Pastor of 412 Church in San Jacinto, California where he lives with his wife, Jackie, and their two children. Visit his website at




Brandon Holthaus is the senior pastor of Rock Harbor Church in Bakersfield, CA where he lives with his wife and three children. Brandon’s areas of strength include prophecy, discernment, apologetics, Jewish culture and background, and Biblical worldview polemics.


Brandon holds a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Columbia University, NY. He also holds a Master of Arts in Religion degree and a Master of Divinity  from Liberty University Baptist Theological Seminary, Lynchburg, VA (both Cum Laude).


Brandon has served in full-time ministry since 2000 in various ministry positions such as Young Adult Pastor, Adult Pastor, and Minister of Education. He started Rock Harbor Church in 2010 to be a "Remnant" church in this age of apostasy. Brandon also has a weekly prophecy update on YouTube called Rock Harbor Church Prophecy Update.


Sermons and website available at

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