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 City of David and Western Wall Tunnels 

On the Israel Excursion day, if you wish, you can pick ONE of these activities:

Those going on the Israel Tour should choose the City of David.  We will see the Western Wall tunnels during the tour.


  • Approximately one hour and a half hour tour

  • Difficulty: Medium

  • The tour includes steps and walking in an underground tunnel with uneven ground about 1/3 mile.

Here you will find Hezekiah’s Tunnel and the Pool of Siloam.

The City of David goes back to the days of Abraham, as a fortified and impressive Canaanite city, Jerusalem’s original inhabitants did not live on the site of today’s Old City; they lived on a narrow ridge, just twelve acres in area, descending south from the present Temple Mount. This was the “City of David,” purposefully built around the Gihon Springs, the area’s primary source of plenteous water. Today, the City of David National Park is located just south of the Old City walls. Most biblical archaeologists believe this to be the actual hilltop where King David dedicated Jerusalem as his capital nearly three millennia ago. If so, the exclusive hilltop would have been inhabited by many kings and prophets of old— including kings Solomon, Hezekiah, and Josiah and prophets Isaiah and Jeremiah.  

Elegant homes designed especially for Jerusalem’s elite have been uncovered in the City of David. The artifacts, cosmetics, and imported Syrian furniture all attest to the affluence of its residents. Likewise, the devastating destruction of the Roman conquest is also evident in the relics strewn across the basement level.


  • Approximately one hour tour

  • The walk is not difficult but does include steps and narrow passages. 

  • About 1/3 mile.

The Western Wall of the Temple Mount (also known as the Kotel) is one of the most magnificent and significant remnants in Jerusalem from the days of the Second Temple, destroyed approximately 2,000 years ago.


The Western Wall stretches along approximately 1/3 mile, but today, the part exposed to all at the Western Wall Plaza is a mere 230 feet of it. This tour allows visitors to reach the segments of the Wall hidden from view, and to touch the original and special stones that tell the story of the Jewish nation. The Western Stone forms part of the lower level of the Western Wall in Jerusalem. This is the largest stone in the Western Wall as well as one of the largest building blocks in the world.


Visitors to the Western Wall Tunnels walk through ancient and fascinating spaces under the Old City with exquisite archeological findings, such as large stone vaults and arches, cisterns, an ancient water aqueduct trench that ends at the Strouthion Pool and more. This tour includes innovative virtual models.

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